Imperium Crown Limited is a real estate company listed on the SGX-ST Catalist Board (stock code: 5HT). Imperium Crown Limited (formerly known as Communication Design International Limited) was listed on SGX-ST (Catalist Board) on 17 Jan 2006. Following the divestment of its original business, the Company has adopted the new name, Imperium Crown Limited to reflect its focus on the real estate business in Japan and Asia.

Our Business & Capital Management Strategy

Our Business Strategy is to build up a diversified portfolio of well-located properties which are generating stable recurrent income.  This is part of our capital management strategy to develop sustainable earnings in the longer term..

Our portfolio is focused on:

1. Local residential housing located near transport nodes such as the Tokyo Metro and JR stations and amenities such as supermarkets and schools

2. Grade B offices which target SME tenants and local companies supporting larger Japanese corporations and MNCs.

In addition, we seek to identify suitable properties which may have potential for future re-development and/or asset enhancement thereby enhancing the value and growth of our portfolio over the longer term.